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Machine Operator

Job description

As a machine operator you will be involved with large installations used to manufacture or package our products. Versatile, technically skilled, you are also knowledgeable in security and hygiene regulations. You also fix and drive the machines and ensure that all is in optimal working condition.  As you are responsible for maintenance, you can step in when problems arise on the production line.

Key responsibilities

  • set, supervise and regularly and closely monitor all machines and devices (speed, temperature, time, pressure)
  • collaborate in the maintenance of technical installations
  • make adjustment on machines according to the size and materials – and key in data online
  • be able to work in a team on the production line and drive machines independently
  • oversee the automatic bottling and packaging of the products, change settings on the packaging machines when there is a change of size
  • comply with all security and hygiene regulations


Length of apprenticeship: 3 years



Interest for precision work relating to checks and adjustments

Enthusiasm for packaging techniques

Marked ability to concentrate and think logically

Rigorous and precise

Quality, production and hygiene are your key concerns

Able to work on a team


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