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Food technologist

Job description

As a food technologist your job is to transform drinks into intermediary or consumable products. You will run big, automatic installations used to mix, heat, filter, and homogenise as well as fill bottles.

Key responsibilities

  • check reception of merchandise and ensure it is stocked in accordance with regulations
  • take samples
  • mix, homogenise, filter, treat beverages, regulate the flow and define the order of mixes
  • oversee the packaging process (PET and glass)
  • program packaging machines at each change of size
  • continually check quality on produced products
  • comply with hygiene regulations – keeping all installations, facilities and utensils perfectly clean
  • program and supervise all machines and devices
  • collaborate in maintaining the technical installations
  • detect machine malfunctions and act to remedy the situation


Length of apprenticeship: 3 years



Developed sense of taste and smell

Good with numbers

Methodical and precise

Organised and technically minded

Preference for manual and technical work

Have stamina (noisy and hot working environment)

Enjoy working on a team





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